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BR Brick is a full-service, fully bondable masonry subcontractor that specializes in fast-track commercial masonry applications of all types. From installing and supplying brick, stucco, block, natural stone, manufactured stone and architectural pre-cast stone, we provide a high level of quality and experience.

Our completion of projects all across the country includes:

  •  Student Housing
  •  Apartment Complexes
  •  Schools
  •  Prisons
  •  Commercial Buildings of all types

We have the ability to meet time-sensitive schedules while maintaining a high standard of quality and safety control. BR Brick is capable of completing multiple projects with efficiency and exceptional craftsmanship. The collaborative skills of our foreman and management team provides solutions for problems before they effect the schedule and development of our clients' projects.

BR Brick has nearly three decades of skilled masonry practice, applied to an impressive variety of projects. Our accomplishments in the industry have earned us the Pat Summerall Award. Over the years, techniques, materials and job capacities have evolved, however one thing has not changed: BR Brick is committed to setting high standards for the Masonry industry.

We explore ways of increasing efficiency without sacrificing quality. This is achieved by providing ongoing training of personnel and through employing historical data of completed jobs to steer company policy towards improved performance.

We are active members of:

  •  The Texas Masonry Council
  •  The Associated Masonry Contractors of Houston
  •  The American Subcontractors Association
  •  The Brick Institute of America

    "BR Brick continues to be in
    the forefront of
    their industry
    in workmanship, management, and
    employee safety."

    - Bowen, Miclette & Britt, Inc. (1999)


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